Warm Tips: The embellishment on the dress such as beadings, sequins or crystals may have a little difference because of hand sewn.
Colour may vary by monitor. If you are worried about the true colour, you can order a free swatch from our site. 
The jacket is included if there is one in the picture.

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Size Guide

Measurements SizeBustWaistHipHeight from head to floor
US 2 / UK 6 / EU 3221202235-36
US 3 / UK 7 / EU 332220.52336-40
US 4 / UK 8 / EU 3423212440-44
US 5 / UK 9 / EU 352421.52544-46
US 6 / UK 10 / EU 3625222646-48
US 7 / UK 11 / EU 372622.52748-50
US 8 / UK 12 / EU 382723.52850-51

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Sweet Satin Jewel Neckline A-line Flower Girl Dresses with Bowknot

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  • EUR €44.77

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